Beautiful Books

Hello, my amazing readers! 😀

I saw a post called Beautiful Books on Kellyn’s blog, Reveries recently, and it looked so fun that I decided to try it myself! Basically, you answer questions about a novel that you’re working on, and… that’s about it. 😛



What inspired the idea for your novel, and how long have you had that idea?

Well, to be quite honest, I don’t really remember. 😛 My novel is about a medieval girl who goes into a convent-y place and learns to read, thus helping her be smarter than a lot of men back then… I think that a year or so ago I was (well, I still am) into books set in the Middle Ages, and that just sparked the idea.  🙂

Describe what your novel is about!

If I was a lazy person, I’d just put ‘^see above^’. Since I am a lazy person…

^see above^

Basically, it’s about a young girl named Agatha who gets taken away from her village by an evil landlord. She then gets put in a convent, where she learns to read, write and live God. This helps her become more intelligent and… yeah. #whenideassoundbetterinyourhead #whenyoucantexplainyournovel

What is your book’s aesthetic? Use words or photos or whatever you like!

I tried to find photos, but there didn’t seem to be any on the Internet that were what I was looking for, so words it is. 😉

dreary village

rain pouring down

a girl’s crying inside

the man’s crying harder with bitter tears

victims and prices

silent resolution

light shining to far to see

God’s gentle hand guiding her tenderly

So, there you go! I’m afraid I made it sound depressing, didn’t I? It’s not as bad as you think! 😉

Introduce us to each of your characters!


Agatha, MC, eleven years

Except for the dress, this is almost exactly how she is!


Warrin, father of MC

This image was actually taken from a book that I read a few years ago. 😀 Just ignore the horse and everything, and make his beard a little more bushy and have his expression be ferocious, and you’ve got Warrin. 😉


Helga, mother of MC

This is more or less how I imagine her, maybe a little older and her with hair up. 🙂

Milly, sister of MC, six years

Milly is sort of a cross between these two cuties. Agatha also has a baby brother, Geoffrey, but I didn’t include him here. He basically looks like any other infant, maybe a little thinner.


Master Thomas, greedy landlord extraordinaire 

Yes, I do realize that this is a picture of Severus Snape. 😉 This is kind of what Master Thomas is like inside. He’s troubled, but he’s strong in his own way. His hair is also very greasy. 😉

How do you prepare to write?

By procrastinating. ‘Nuff said.

What are you most looking forward to about this novel?

Just having fun writing it, and exploring my own imagination. 🙂

List 3 things about your novel’s setting.

It’s set in England, during the Middle Ages, on a moor. 🙂

What’s your character’s goal and who (or what) stands in the way?

At the beginning of the book, she wants to help her family pay off their rent – if they don’t manage to pay it, they get thrown out of their house. Their greedy landlord stands in the way, asking for higher and higher prices. Her goals change throughout the book, though.

How does your protagonist change by the end of the novel?

Well, she learns to read and write. But most importantly, she becomes closer to God. 🙂

What are your book’s themes? How do you want readers to feel when the story is over?

I want my book to be slightly melancholy, but mostly hopeful. I think that I want my readers to feel that they have gained something from the book, but I’m not really sure yet.

Are you working on a novel? 


Thank you so much to everyone who checked out and followed this little blog – you make my day! 😀


30 thoughts on “Beautiful Books

      1. Thank you! I love your blog too! My novel is about a girl who has to take care of her 2 siblings because her parents die in a big battle. One day she meets a boy, whose parents also died. And that’s basically all I have now, because I have, as I said, put it on hold for NaNo annnnnnd I kinda got stuck, because my “inner editor” told me it was a horrible novel. I know it’s not true, but I decided to take a break any ways. Sooooo…… yeah.


                    1. That’s a great idea! 🙂 Mine may be short – I’m not sure how long an average chapter should be, so I may want to add to it, but that would be awesome to do!
                      How long do you think an average chapter should be?

                      Liked by 1 person

                    2. Well, you set a word count goal and write, write, write. You can start a new novel, or work on a current one. YWP is for 17 and under, but if you are 13, you can do the adult one. It’s really fun!


                    3. Yeah, it is! And it’s fairly easy, because you can set a word count as small as two words, if you want! And by the way, have you ever had a blog other than this one? It’s really professional!


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