October Character Studies

I’m doing October Character Studies! *bored applause* Do I need to explain what Character Studies are . . . ? I think everybody already knows . . . But I’m not sure, so . . . I’ll explain, just in case. 😉

*clears throat*

Basically, Character Studies are when your characters answer questions about themselves. This time, one of your character will dress up as another character. Master Thomas, villainous landlord/bitter person extraordinaire, is going to be dressing up as Helga, humble/poor/quiet/kind person extraordinaire. This is going to be funny/odd, let me warn you. . .

/// Wow – I’m using a lot of slashes. ///




Note: When I’m being a rude author and interrupting my characters, I’ll be in italics.

First off, who are you and who are you pretending to be? What’s your relationship to the person you’re pretending to be, and why would you (or your author) pick them?

My name is Master Thomas, holder and owner of the Thomasson land, including all things, animals, and people who dwell upon it.

Well . . . Not really. You inherited the land, and that’s about it. 

Silence, fool-girl.

You have such an affectionate nickname for me, Tommy. Can I call you Tommy? Or M. T.? Hmmm . . . I think I’ll call you Tommy. Anyway, Tommy, you do know that I can do whatever I want with you, right? Including having you fall from your horse in front of everybody. So . . . Maybe you should put on your best behavior. Just a little advice.

*mutters* . . . puppeteer.

What did you say? That I’m a puppeteer? Well, I guess that’s remotely true. Anyways, let’s proceed, Tommy.

Do not call me Tommy! To answer your question, I was tricked into dressing up as that woman Helga, of all people! Her husband can’t even pay my very just rent.

. . . Your rent is overpriced.

I have no relationship to the woman. That would be ridiculous.

Are you sure? You might be related by blood . . . 

Impossible. A person with such a high rank as myself could not be related to a lowly peasant. Why was I even forced to dress up as that pauper anyways?

To torture you, my dear Tommy. And because it’s quite funny. 

To people other than myself.

What’s your fashion sense? (Or, if you want, what do you/your “costume” look like?)

I am dressed in rags not befitting an owner of vast lands. This is an insult to my reputation.

Trick or treat?


The answer is ‘trick’. For both of you. 

Pardon again?

*sighs* Stop playing dumb. 

I’m not.


What’s your opinion of yourself? (Interpret this question how you will.)

My opinion of Helga is extremely low. She is nothing but a worthless peasant.

Best thing about you? Worst thing about you?

I find no good qualities in her. Perhaps that she has been able to maintain her family despite the fact that they are paupers. The worst thing about her is everything.

You look in the mirror, and it’s mocking you. What is it saying?

Mocking me or Helga?

You decide.

It mocks me for looking like Helga. And it mocks Helga for looking the way she does.

She’s fairly pretty for being middle-aged. But according to you, anyone below your rank has every bad quality a body can possess, so I’m not surprised at your comment. 


Kittens or puppies?

How would I know?

You’d know. 


From when she was younger. I know you’re not going to answer me, though, so for my readers’ benefit, I’ll answer for you – kittens. 

Coffee or tea?

She’s to poor to drink anything but water.

If you had to pretend to be this person for a whole week, what would you do?

You don’t want to know. It involves a grave.

I see. I’ll have to change you back then, I suppose. Your part in my novel isn’t over yet. 

You were planning to not change me back?

*smiles sneakily* Maybe.


Bonus: Best cake flavor?

Helga is too –

Let me guess. She’s too poor to eat cake. 


Actually, she’s had an apple tart once. You’re wrong about that one, Tommy.

*stomps off*

And that, lovely readers, is a taste of Master Thomas. Feel free to dislike him. 😉

 *gasps* *squeals* I have sixteen followers!? Thank you so, so much everybody! *hands out Oreos and donuts* You’re amazing. ❤️

Random Question Of The Day (RQOTD): What do you think the three top qualities of a perfect villain are? 



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