What I’m Thankful For (Slightly Late) + Simple Joys #1

*pant, gasp, wheeze* Wow, that was quite the long title!

And yes, I do realize that Thanksgiving is over and we’re entering the holiday season. Don’t worry, I’m not completely crazy – there is a method to my madness. πŸ˜‰

But anyways . . . Β being thankful for what we have is super important – even when it’s not Thanksgiving! We areΒ blessed to be surrounded by friends and family, to be able to go to school, to have access to food, water, and housing . . . I could go on. But if I did, we’d be here another couple years. (And it would get boring. By 2020, I’d be saying things like “I’m grateful for, um, plastic . . .”).

I think I sounded preachy there. I’m not trying to . . . 😐

And that brings me to my own list of what I’m thankful for. πŸ™‚


Random person who originally put thus image on the Internet, thank you for unknowingly contributing to my post. Unfortunately, I can’t find the image again and therefore can’t link to it. Thanks again!Β 

1. Family

2. Friends

3. Books and Libraries

4. Technology

5. Pizza and Pesto Lasagna

6. Chocolate Muffins

7. Autumn and Spring

8. Nature

9. Pens that I like to write with

10. Beaches

11. Child’s Rights

12. God

13. My House

14. Rocking Chairs

15. Hospitals

16. Volunteers

17. Education

18. Kittens

19. Notebooks

20. Simple Joys

What are ‘Simple Joys’, you ask? Well, that’s exactly what I’m going to be explaining. Basically, Simple Joys are little things that make you happy – maybe rainbows, or cinnamon rolls. Anyways, each month, I’m going to be making a list of ten Simple Joys – today is Simple Joys #1.



1. When your favorite song comes on shuffle first.

1000 Images About Snow Lights On Pinterest Snow Christmas


2. Christmas lights in the dark.



3. Cozy sweaters



4. Beautiful sunsets



5. When sunlight fills the room when you wake up



6. Opening a new book



7. Writing with your favorite pen



8. Yummy breakfasts



9. Waking up early and not feeling tired


*cue heavenly choir*


10. Nutella crΓͺpes

So, that concludes this first post of December! Tell me, what are you feeling thankful for today?




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