Last-Minute Christmas Card DIY

It’s never too late to make some cute little Christmas cards for your family and friends . . . even if it is Christmas Eve!

So, let’s get right into it – before it gets any later! 🙂



You’ll need white paper, a pencil and an eraser, fine-tip pens (I suggest red, green, and black), and envelopes (optional).



Step 1

Plan it out! Even just writing out a couple of ideas can really help getting your creative juices flowing. This is also a good time to test out markers and pens. Here’s my planning sheet:


Step 2 

Measurements, measurements, measurements! Grab a ruler and figure out where the center of your paper is. This will make it easier to center any text that you might be putting on it. 🙂


Step 3

Start out by decorating the front of your card in pencil. Since this is last minute (but still needs to look nice), I suggest writing out a simple holiday greeting in a nice font or maybe some lyrics to a favorite carol. If you want, you can add a couple doodles as well.


Step 4

Now, just trace and color in! Don’t worry about making it perfect – little imperfections and mistakes can make art beautiful.


Step 5

You’re almost done – write a simple ‘Merry Christmas!’ on the inside, or a personalized message – whatever floats your boat. 😉



Do you enjoy making Christmas cards? 



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