On Fasting During Lent

Hello there! 😀

As you can probably see from the title, today I’m going to talk about fasting – particularly during Lent.



*note: all opinions, points of view, and beliefs are mine – you, amazing person, are not required to follow them in any way. Thanks!*

The exact definition of ‘fast’ is to ‘to abstain from all food’ or to ‘to eat only sparingly or of certain kinds of food, especially as a religious observance’.
There are all types of fasting, ranging from abstaining from any type of food to not eating muffins. Many Christians choose to fast during the 40 days of Lent, in remembrance of those same number of days that Jesus spent in the desert, fasting.
 Some people choose to not eat meat on Fridays, others choose to not eat sweets, some don’t drink alcohol. Those are all great things to do – but is that what Lent is really about?
Think about that for a moment. What is Lent about? When you’re ready, scroll down. 🙂
Personally, I think Lent is about purifying ourselves and becoming better people. For me, it’s more important to be kind and pray than to not eat cheesecake.
Basically, sometimes I feel that we’re so concentrated on fasting that we forget why we celebrate Lent. Fasting won’t really make you a better Christian. I’d much rather meet a lovely person who eats some sweets during Lent than a horrid one who throws every single grain of sugar out of his/her house. 😉
Are you fasting this Lent? Or does your family not fast (that’s fine, too!)? What did you think of this post?
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