December Fails // April Goals

Hello, evil minions darling readers! How’ve you been doing lately?

It’s time for another Goals post… which means it’s time for you to feel better about yourself and laugh at my failed goals congratulate me on the one thing I did… kinda! 😉

So, scroll on down for how I did on my December Goals…



Finish fleshing-out my novel. This month, I’m going to focus on writing the characters’ ‘normal’, which means a scene from their daily life before my story starts.  I’ll try to not make it too boring – I might post them here, who knows? Failed. December seemed to flash by in a blur for me – I barely remember what I did!

Do the 10 ‘Character Thingamagiggers’, as I like to call it. Remember what I explained above about the ten things about each character that the reader will never know? *little lightbulb pops on above reader’s head* Failed. I have a feeling that pretty much all my goals will be fails. 😛

WRITE. MORE. IN. MY. NOVEL. Every day! I want to write 2000 words this month. Guess what? *taps nose* *subtle MBS reference* You got it! Failed magnificently.


Read the Bible EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT. That way, I’ll read it most nights.😉 And then perhaps progress into reading it every night . . . That would be a nice end to the day, don’t you think? Kinda! I couldn’t take it on vacation with me (*glares at baggage weight limits*), but for the earlier part of the month, I read it almost every evening! 😀

Finish my ‘Lisa Congdon Inspired’ drawing. I can do this! *nervous grin* Uh… why don’t we move on to the next goal? (This one was failed, as you probably guessed 😉)

Practice lettering. I really want to get better at it! Check! I ACTUALLY DID THIS YAY ME! 😂 I got a lettering book for Christmas and I’ve done a bit in it since then. 🙂


As for reading, I doubt I did very well on my goals, either. 😉


So, let’s move on to my April Goals! As you’ve surely noticed, I rarely manage to accomplish my  monthly goals. And while I really enjoy setting them, it’s not so satisfying to have to put a little red ‘failed‘ after almost every goal. So, I’m going to make my goals simple this month – tailor-sized to the little busy bee that I am. XD


 original image via


Write a poem every day! I’m participating in NaPoWriMo (I’m not signed up on the site, but I’m going to do it anyway) this April – let’s see how far I get!

Write in my WIP once a week. As I said before, I’m quite busy: I have school (13 subjects!), homework, an extracurricular class, plus activities like church and going outside. I also like to read the Bible, read in general, letter, draw, chillax, help around the house, and do other various ‘free time’ activities – I don’t have that much time for writing! So, I’m shooting for once a week. 🙂

Develop a posting schedule and stick to it. Pretty straight-forward.


Take some photos for my upcoming Bullet Journal post. I never seem to get around to that…

Do pushups and sit-ups regularly – and track it!

Set up my Bullet Journal for April, preferably before the month’s over. 😉


Finish reading the field guide on gnomes I’m currently working through.

Start (at least) the humongous book I checked out from the library.

Those two were pretty self-explanatory. 😉

So, let’s see how I’ll do on those goals! I tried to make them doable – we’ll see! 😀

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