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A couple weeks ago, I found this AMAZING song playlist on YouTube that pretty much has all my favorite songs, plus a few others that I like too. I always listen to the same songs, because 1) there aren’t that many songs that I like, and 2) since I know the songs by heart, I concentrate on whatever I’m doing and not on the words (music is always a background/drown out the sound of the vacuum cleaner thing for me).

Anyways, let’s get started!


Renegades // X Ambassadors: this song is so peaceful and I love the guitar in the background. I’m not even sure of what it makes me feel or think of but I could never get tired of listening to it. I think of dandelions and open fields when I listen to it, I guess. And sunset beaches.

Counting Stars // One Republic: driving down the freeway with the windows, watching the telephone poles sweep up and down. Sweat, worship, and glory. Being desperate and overjoyed at the same time. Pure power. That’s what this song makes me think of. Oh, and awesomeness.

7 Years Old // Lukas Graham: this piece is really, really beautiful. It captures life really well and at the same time doesn’t seem to capture anything.  But it’s perfectly sweet, sour, sad, as well as reminding me of a Polaroid picture. Back story: I got introduced to this song at school. We were supposed to perform it as a class at the talent show but then everybody kind of forgot.

Superheroes // The Script: this is just inspiring. I love how it treats superheroes as people who struggle and win, and thus learn to fly. Not muscle men. Real superheroes… everybody has a bit of superhero in them. And we can all learn to fly. Side note: this was the song that ended up being performed. Without the piano accompaniment and I believe with the microphones turned off. Oh well, it was fun anyways.

Demons // Imagine Dragons: this song can be kind of depressing. But it’s powerful and really human. Also, it reminds me of a dragon’s life, so it automatically qualifies as awesome.

Radioactive // Imagine Dragons: this one reminds me of one of the friends that I like the most, although I’m not sure why as I don’t even know if she likes it. This seems something that describes a future/post-massive devastation/Hunger Games-like human destruction. Incidentally, I’d listen to Radioactive if I was in the Hunger Games.

Take Me To Church // Hozier: it’s religious, so I like it. It’s religious and it’s about forgiveness, so I love it. Random: my Art History teacher considers it ‘one of the best songs written in the modern epoch’.

All Of Me // John Legend: I generally don’t love romantic songs, but I like the voice and the piano is superb, so it makes the cut. Which is surprising, since it’s a very slow song and I often despise those. That goes to show how awesome the singing and the piano are.

Chandelier // Sia: HER VOICE IS JUST SO BEAUTIFUL AND PERFECT AND AMAZING I CAN’T EVEN. I’ve never heard a voice as good as hers, she can hold notes so well, and I can’t get enough of her accent and yes she’s awesome. *hyperventilates* ‘Nuff said.

Cheap Thrills // Sia: See above. I don’t have anything to say on this that I haven’t said before so… GO CHECK IT OUT RIGHT NOW WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE. XD

Fireflies // Owl City: I love the beeps at the beginning, it gets me excited for the song. Also, fireflies are beautiful, perfect, little creatures, just like humans. This song is perfect and relatable and lovely, I can’t stop listening to it. It’s peaceful and just perfect and AAAAAAH I LOVE IT. ❤

Chasing Cars // Snow Patrol: this is another one that’s peaceful and perfect and makes want to stay awake for hours and think about the whole wide universe and nothing at the same time. That would lovely, please and thank you. I never really process the lyrics, I just listen to the sounds and smile internally.

Lost Boy // Ruth B.: I’ve loved Peter Pan since I was about four or five, so this qualifies as a favorite straight away. Also, the lyric video is really good, so go check it out! NOW. OR ELSE. 😉

Shut Up And Dance // Walk The Moon: one word to describe this song: euphoric. It makes me want to dance and go crazy and be silly all at once. It’s just so fun to listen to! This is another one that I don’t really absorb the lyrics, I just let the sounds flow past my ears. It’s quite enjoyable, I recommend it.


That’s about it… you guys should definitely go and check it out, there are a lot of really good songs that I didn’t include in this post. 😉

What are some of your favorite songs? Did you know any from my list? Any new ones that you discovered from this post?

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8 thoughts on “Songs On My Playlist

  1. I love most of those songs (listen to OneRepublic and Imagine Dragons, guys. so good.) Ok, but I’m 99% Take Me To Church isn’t actually a religious song. I was looking at the lyrics cause I thought I had heard in on the radio before and that wasn’t my take on it. But as always, I could be 100% wrong. 😉


    1. Well, it isn’t religious like a Jamie Grace song (which are also awesome, I love them!), but it just reminds me of God’s forgiveness… idk. I guess you could say that I don’t think it ISN’T religious, but I’m not sure that it’s religious either… ok that didn’t make sense. Never mind. XD

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