CWWC Challenge Two

How are you doing, lovely people? Have you been having a fun summer so far?

For Loren’s benefit, I used all three of the prompts. You’re welcome. 😉


   A chain rattled against the hard wooden floor, echoing against the timber of the wall. The light was dim, only coming from a heavily shaded window placed near the top of the cellar wall, at street level. The chain rubbed against the boards as a violet-haired girl crossed the room, dragging one foot behind. The ankle was bound tightly in metal, and she walked with a pronounced limp. She braced one foot against the wall and tried to climb up to the window, her hands pressed flat on the dusty wall. She fell back with a heavy thud on the pavement. 

   The sound of footsteps approached and the lock rattled. The girl scooted towards the center of the room and closed her eyes, letting her head loll back and her hands relax. A surly man walked in and ran his eyes over her tattered leather jacket, her scuffed jeans and auburn colored boots. Her nudged her heavily with his boot, putting another mark on her already dirty and scratched face. Seemingly satisfied, he stood upright and turned for the door. Nothing more to be done, except… he spun around quickly and gave her hard slap, scattering her colored hair. “Loose-toungued,” he seethed. “Spilling Resister secrets to the Enforcers.”

   The girl stirred, and the man seemed about to say something, but checked himself. “Good thing you didn’t name infiltrated spies or I would have personally made sure that you suffered the consequences.” 

   He left the room.

   Moments later, a young boy with jet-black hair wandered down the street. His bright eyes rested on a row of tired-looking houses, built in timber and bricks. He narrowed his eyes at an unassuming, gray one. “Of course,” he muttered with an intelligence well beyond his years. “The one with the bars on the lower windows.”

   He crept up to a small window at the base of the house and kicked his foot against it urgently. “Carshington Windleinxe,” he whispered urgently. “Carshington Windleinxe!”

   A faint rattle came from within. A violet framed face appeared at the bottom right corner of the window. “Reg!” the girl whispered. “You’re not supposed to be here. If they find you, it’s all going to go… worse.”

   “I had to say goodbye, ‘Dromeda,” he said, his eyes filling. “Handing yourself over to the enemy… so we could continue… that was… brave… you’re my heroine. And my favorite sister.”

   ‘Dromeda looked up at Reg. “No,” she said thickly. “I shouldn’t be your heroine. Don’t let it end like this, with all faults forgiven and a soppy, loving goodbye. I don’t want my last moments with my favorite brother to be like that. Just promise me one thing. Promise me that the Resisters won’t be defeated. Promise me that you’ll make sure of that.”

   “I promise.”

   “And… tell them that I said something. That I gave them our alternate headquarters. And some passwords. They deserve the truth. They can think of me as they want to. But I don’t want to die a heroine, a savior of the Resisters. I don’t want to die a villain either, a traitor. I want to die as a human, hero and villain mixed into a girl who tried her hardest and did her best. After all, villains are just heroes with an untold story, and heroes are just hidden villains.”

   She smiled, perhaps for the last time, her purple hair enveloping her face, casting light and shadows across it. 


This lil’ story was heavily inspired by the Blacks from Harry Potter. Just saying, I love the Black family, excepting perhaps Bellatrix. Although she does have a cool name.

‘Dromeda’s hair and clothes were inspired by Tonks. Her full name is Andromeda, ‘Dromeda for short, which was Tonks’ mother’s name. The part she says about heroes and villain was inspired by these two quotes by Sirius Black:

Draco’s head is photobombing the quote. Sorry, guys. 😉

Reg’s full name is Regulus, Sirius’ brother.


Did you enjoy my story? Do you have any questions or feedback? 

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