CWWC Challenge Three

Hola! *bursts a piñata* *showers everybody with candy*

This post is going to be a lil’ different than my usual writing challenge posts – because this time, I’m writing a poem!

^psst, Loren: I used all of the prompts^


But before we get started…


No Trespassing

ask me no questions, 

i’ll tell you no lies.

my secrets are mine, 

my house is marked with a sign,

‘no trespassing’.

it watches you. 

do not look at the shell 

and think you know all. 

there is more within,

in the story of my life

but the pages do not reveal themselves to you. 

do not trespass. 

it’s not allowed, because my life is not yours to learn.

ask me no questions,

i’ll tell you no lies. 

So there you go, my friends! Short but sweet.

Are you participating in CWWC? Any fellow Narnians? 
Did you understand/like my poem? Or was it complete gibberish? Do you have any feedback?

Talk to me below!

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