CWWC – Challenge Five Entry

Hi there!

It’s CWWC time. Which means writing. In this case, I’m going to be writing an encouragement/poem thingy. Sit back and relax, my friends. Also, here’s some Nutella, which is always awesome. And some mango for those who are allergic to chocolate. Because mangos are also awesome.

Also, I used all the prompts. Just to let you know, Loren.


don’t be chained down by iron and cuffs.

don’t be blinded, don’t let people look right through you. 

that isn’t who you are. 

you’re strong and fierce and you have wings that are just beginning to grow.

imagine that.

there’s a lot of people in the world.

everybody has a destiny.

it’s written in the stars and and in the sky and the moon and the sun and the air. 

it’s written in us. 

you have a purpose in life. 

only you can fulfill that purpose.

it’s time to step up to the stage. 

don’t be afraid.

it’s your time to walk to the edge of a cliff and feel no fear.

because you are such a fragile little human, but that’s okay.

and sometimes being fragile, makes you strong. 

So… that’s it! What did you guys think of that? Do you have any questions/feedback?

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2 thoughts on “CWWC – Challenge Five Entry

  1. Sei bravissima!!! (Sono Louise😝) a presto!
    PS. Avevi mai pensato di postare anche in italiano? Potresti avere piu followers italiani 😉 ciao!
    Pss: mi mancate tuttiiiiiii


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