Guess What? Another CWWC!

Salutations and greetings, my friends! You’re awesome, by the way. : )

I’m using all the prompts, in case anybody was wondering. Most specifically, Loren. ; )


aesthetics poem thingy – rebel city

skateboards and roller skates 

clanging subways

alley mazes

forgotten places

foreign smells

dyed hair

jeans and loose laces

escape routes and flashing lights

neon signs at twilight. 

I know it’s really short, but I… um… have no excuse. Other than I have a lot of stuff I want to do and too little time. Okay, I guess that’s an excuse.

What’s your favorite city?

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2 thoughts on “Guess What? Another CWWC!

  1. Hey there, Jordan! Tomorrow (8/29/2017) is Megan’s ( birthday! I’ve been spreading the word and I thought you might want to know in case you wanted to leave her comment or something. 😉

    -Clara ❤


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