BBPC – Fruit Entry

Hi there!

Today’s post is going to be short – but sweet!



See? It’s sweet!

Anyways, here’s my entry for BIBPC (Boring Into Beautiful Photography Contest), hosted by the wonderful Megan!

Challenge One’s theme is fruit, so this is my photo:


Mrs. Melon with her nephews The Bananas.

The Bananas are camera-shy and slightly out of focus. My profoundest apologies. 😉

These lovely specimens of fruit are from my equally lovely grandparents’ counter. The grandparents are lovely, I mean. Not the counter.

What else… ah, yes, the fruit was bought from Lucky’s and will most likely be consumed at breakfast tomorrow.

And last but not least… GO TEAM COCONUT!

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CWWC Challenge Four

Hello, lovelies!

It’s writing time!



Attention, attention; all Team Narnia members: WE CAN DO THIS! PUT YOUR WRITING CAPS ON AND LET THE WORDS FLOURISH! That’s an order. Kind of.





Messy Girl

     Cassie Mahoney had her back to him, her mind immersed somewhere else. Was she thinking of him? No, probably not. Cassie had not yet subsided to the expensive gifts and professionally arranged flowers that he had been sending her for a couple months now. 

     He had thought that she would have wanted a shoulder to lean on, someone to support her morally, but above all, financially. Cassie was clever, beautiful, daring, and unfortunately, hard to get. Even after the death of her father and her mother being sent to a nursing home, Cassie had not seemed to have needed any type of help. She had simply moved into a small, but well-lit loft and started to sell her paintings, in addition to working the night shift at a small café downtown. 

    The place was rather untidy – as was she, but in a charming way. Her black wool sweater slipped off her shoulders, her hands were splattered with paint, and her blondish hair was gathered loosely on top of her head. She reached up with a steady arm and continued applying paint to the canvas. 

     He waited a few moments before clearing his throat nervously, “Hi, Cassie.”

     She turned. “Hello,” she said casually.

     “I saw this cake in a window on my way here. Thought I might bring it to you.”

    The girl glanced at the pink frosted cake, embellished with the words ‘you’re so pretty’. She smiled delicately, and for a moment he felt his heart pump with victory. “Although I know perfectly well that you set out to buy it purposely and you came here to deliver it, I appreciate that you bought it for me. I might give it to the soup kitchen, seeing as I don’t need it, but thank you.”

     He smiled. “Want to go uptown with me? Take a little stroll?”

    She smiled back. The look in her eyes told him exactly what was about to happen. She would dimple, let out a girlish giggle, and accept graciously. Just as girls were supposed to. She would finally accept to be his companion to show off.

     Except she didn’t. “No, thank you. I’m not interested,” she said firmly. And to his utter bewilderment, she placed the cake back in his arms. “You’re not even a hundredth of what my father was. He would never have let you walk through this doorstep. You would not have been up to his standards, and because of that, I do not want you in my life. You don’t have even a small percentage of his kind heart and clever mind.” 

     She gestured towards the door. “Please exit through the gift shop”.    

Did you like that? Do you have any feedback? Are you participating in CWWC, and if so what team are you on?

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CWWC Challenge Three

Hola! *bursts a piñata* *showers everybody with candy*

This post is going to be a lil’ different than my usual writing challenge posts – because this time, I’m writing a poem!

^psst, Loren: I used all of the prompts^


But before we get started…


No Trespassing

ask me no questions, 

i’ll tell you no lies.

my secrets are mine, 

my house is marked with a sign,

‘no trespassing’.

it watches you. 

do not look at the shell 

and think you know all. 

there is more within,

in the story of my life

but the pages do not reveal themselves to you. 

do not trespass. 

it’s not allowed, because my life is not yours to learn.

ask me no questions,

i’ll tell you no lies. 

So there you go, my friends! Short but sweet.

Are you participating in CWWC? Any fellow Narnians? 
Did you understand/like my poem? Or was it complete gibberish? Do you have any feedback?

Talk to me below!

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CWWC Challenge Two

How are you doing, lovely people? Have you been having a fun summer so far?

For Loren’s benefit, I used all three of the prompts. You’re welcome. 😉


   A chain rattled against the hard wooden floor, echoing against the timber of the wall. The light was dim, only coming from a heavily shaded window placed near the top of the cellar wall, at street level. The chain rubbed against the boards as a violet-haired girl crossed the room, dragging one foot behind. The ankle was bound tightly in metal, and she walked with a pronounced limp. She braced one foot against the wall and tried to climb up to the window, her hands pressed flat on the dusty wall. She fell back with a heavy thud on the pavement. 

   The sound of footsteps approached and the lock rattled. The girl scooted towards the center of the room and closed her eyes, letting her head loll back and her hands relax. A surly man walked in and ran his eyes over her tattered leather jacket, her scuffed jeans and auburn colored boots. Her nudged her heavily with his boot, putting another mark on her already dirty and scratched face. Seemingly satisfied, he stood upright and turned for the door. Nothing more to be done, except… he spun around quickly and gave her hard slap, scattering her colored hair. “Loose-toungued,” he seethed. “Spilling Resister secrets to the Enforcers.”

   The girl stirred, and the man seemed about to say something, but checked himself. “Good thing you didn’t name infiltrated spies or I would have personally made sure that you suffered the consequences.” 

   He left the room.

   Moments later, a young boy with jet-black hair wandered down the street. His bright eyes rested on a row of tired-looking houses, built in timber and bricks. He narrowed his eyes at an unassuming, gray one. “Of course,” he muttered with an intelligence well beyond his years. “The one with the bars on the lower windows.”

   He crept up to a small window at the base of the house and kicked his foot against it urgently. “Carshington Windleinxe,” he whispered urgently. “Carshington Windleinxe!”

   A faint rattle came from within. A violet framed face appeared at the bottom right corner of the window. “Reg!” the girl whispered. “You’re not supposed to be here. If they find you, it’s all going to go… worse.”

   “I had to say goodbye, ‘Dromeda,” he said, his eyes filling. “Handing yourself over to the enemy… so we could continue… that was… brave… you’re my heroine. And my favorite sister.”

   ‘Dromeda looked up at Reg. “No,” she said thickly. “I shouldn’t be your heroine. Don’t let it end like this, with all faults forgiven and a soppy, loving goodbye. I don’t want my last moments with my favorite brother to be like that. Just promise me one thing. Promise me that the Resisters won’t be defeated. Promise me that you’ll make sure of that.”

   “I promise.”

   “And… tell them that I said something. That I gave them our alternate headquarters. And some passwords. They deserve the truth. They can think of me as they want to. But I don’t want to die a heroine, a savior of the Resisters. I don’t want to die a villain either, a traitor. I want to die as a human, hero and villain mixed into a girl who tried her hardest and did her best. After all, villains are just heroes with an untold story, and heroes are just hidden villains.”

   She smiled, perhaps for the last time, her purple hair enveloping her face, casting light and shadows across it. 


This lil’ story was heavily inspired by the Blacks from Harry Potter. Just saying, I love the Black family, excepting perhaps Bellatrix. Although she does have a cool name.

‘Dromeda’s hair and clothes were inspired by Tonks. Her full name is Andromeda, ‘Dromeda for short, which was Tonks’ mother’s name. The part she says about heroes and villain was inspired by these two quotes by Sirius Black:

Draco’s head is photobombing the quote. Sorry, guys. 😉

Reg’s full name is Regulus, Sirius’ brother.


Did you enjoy my story? Do you have any questions or feedback? 

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Beautiful People: Writing

Hey there, beautiful people!

Today, I’m going to be doing Beautiful People (for those who don’t know, it’s this awesome character/writing link-up hosted by Paperfury and Further Up and Further In).

10928109_595959117172101_1450331761_n 1_zpsw3b8il6s

So let’s get this party writing link-up started, shall we?


How do you decide which project to work on?

More like, how do I think of a measly beginning that hopefully will lead to some sort of plot? 😉

How long does it usually take you to finish a project?

As I have never finished a project, I really couldn’t say. XD

Do you have any routines to put you in the writing mood?

A combination of procrastination and the glares of my ‘Unfinished Writing’ folder. 

What time of day do you write best?

I always feel more productive in the morning, so I would have to say then. 

Are there any authors you think you have a similar style to?

I like to think that I’m similar to J. K. Rowling, but I doubt it.  

Why did you start writing, and why do you keep writing?

I started writing short stories to give to my grandparents in the summer of 2010, and I try to write for pleasure so that when I get older and I write as a profession, I’ll be better at it. 

What’s the hardest thing you’ve written?

Most likely a essay on four items/quotes that express my sense of ‘me-ness’. The assignment explanation paper was longer and more eloquent, but that’s the gist of it. I think that the hard part was that some of the requirements were difficult to fufill, and I was really stressed at the time.

Is there a project you want to tackle someday but you don’t feel ready yet?

To write a novel that has to get finished by a certain deadline, get accepted by a publisher, and on which will depend my income. The very thought makes me go pale. But I want to be a writer anyways. 

What writing goals did you make for 2017 and how are they going?

I wanted to finish my old and now pending WIP. However, since I started a new WIP, that goal hardly counts anymore, does it? Or is that just an excuse?

Describe your writing process in 3 words or a GIF!




Does anybody have any techniques/ways to stay/enjoy writing and not procrastinate? Can any of you relate to my answers?

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CWWC: Challenge 1

Hello, hello!

Despite my love for procrastination (I’ve been reading WordPress posts for no less than an hour), I’ve decided to write my first short story for CWWC. Yay me! Also, I wrote a thousand words today. Double yay.

Hey Loren: I’m using all of the prompts – triple yay.



     The bus rolled to a stop and I stood up, grabbing the painted bar above me. I  swung out of the seating area and stepped into the aisle, limping as I made my way down the crowded and narrow space. The dim light in the bus had me stopping every few steps to place my footing. My eyes – along with my leg – had never been quite the same since the bombing in Atlanta. I reached the sliding doors to the bus just as they were about to close. “Wait!” I cried out, possibly a little feebly. I wasn’t sure if anybody had heard me and it didn’t matter. Thing is, you get to a certain point in life where some things aren’t as important as they used to be. 

     I stepped out into the cloudy late afternoon. No sun shone through the misty canopy above me. I started walking, breathing in the chilly air. I clutched a small notebook to my chest and resisted the temptation to look at it. I didn’t want to think about it, I didn’t want to think about anything, I only wanted for the stars to line up and for time to turn back. That isn’t to much to ask, isn’t it, God? I thought to myself. Of course, a lot of things that should have happened in the last decade hadn’t, and some things that happened shouldn’t have. That’s what I would wake up thinking, and what I would think as I would stare at the heavens before falling asleep each night. 

     My hand tightened around the lilies that I carried, wrapped in their white paper packaging. They looked beautiful and perfect, and I brought them every year. 

     I rounded the corner into the cemetery.

     I made my way through the weather-worn gravestones, the gravel crunching under my feet. So many deaths, so much unfairness. So many cruel tricks of destiny. So many lives, all gone and mostly forgotten. 

     I came to the center of the graveyard and set foot on the white flagstones. I looked ahead. There she was, memorialized forever in hard, unforgiving stone, a marble lily entwined in her hands. A lily. Like my Lily, gone and never to return. 

     I made my way through the lilies planted near her grave. She loved them. But not as much as I had loved her, and still loved her now. I placed my roses on her grave, under the small pavilion. I slowly tugged my notebook from under my arm. It was made in black leather and well-worn. All the things that I wanted to say and never did were in there. I opened it.

     “I miss you, Lily,” I began in a whisper. “I miss you and I love you and I think about you all day and dream about you all night. I never told you all that I should have, I never told you anything that I should have and now I’ve lost my chance. I hope that you loved me but sometimes our hopes don’t become realities. Now all that’s left of you is a stone memorial, lots of lilies and my love for you. I love you. I love you more than the stars and the moon and the the comets shooting through this unfair universe. I wish I had told you that, but you know now. I remember when I first met you on that bus. I thought you were perfect then and I think you’re perfect now. I love you, Lily.”

     I swallowed and closed my notebook. There was plenty more I could have said. But I didn’t, and somehow that felt okay too. I wasn’t okay – the whole universe wasn’t okay – but maybe she was, and that was enough. 

How did you guys like that? Do you have any feedback? Parts you liked/didn’t like? I’d love to know!

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Songs On My Playlist

Guess who’s back? Moi! *thunderous applause* *bored crowd*


original image via

A couple weeks ago, I found this AMAZING song playlist on YouTube that pretty much has all my favorite songs, plus a few others that I like too. I always listen to the same songs, because 1) there aren’t that many songs that I like, and 2) since I know the songs by heart, I concentrate on whatever I’m doing and not on the words (music is always a background/drown out the sound of the vacuum cleaner thing for me).

Anyways, let’s get started!


Renegades // X Ambassadors: this song is so peaceful and I love the guitar in the background. I’m not even sure of what it makes me feel or think of but I could never get tired of listening to it. I think of dandelions and open fields when I listen to it, I guess. And sunset beaches.

Counting Stars // One Republic: driving down the freeway with the windows, watching the telephone poles sweep up and down. Sweat, worship, and glory. Being desperate and overjoyed at the same time. Pure power. That’s what this song makes me think of. Oh, and awesomeness.

7 Years Old // Lukas Graham: this piece is really, really beautiful. It captures life really well and at the same time doesn’t seem to capture anything.  But it’s perfectly sweet, sour, sad, as well as reminding me of a Polaroid picture. Back story: I got introduced to this song at school. We were supposed to perform it as a class at the talent show but then everybody kind of forgot.

Superheroes // The Script: this is just inspiring. I love how it treats superheroes as people who struggle and win, and thus learn to fly. Not muscle men. Real superheroes… everybody has a bit of superhero in them. And we can all learn to fly. Side note: this was the song that ended up being performed. Without the piano accompaniment and I believe with the microphones turned off. Oh well, it was fun anyways.

Demons // Imagine Dragons: this song can be kind of depressing. But it’s powerful and really human. Also, it reminds me of a dragon’s life, so it automatically qualifies as awesome.

Radioactive // Imagine Dragons: this one reminds me of one of the friends that I like the most, although I’m not sure why as I don’t even know if she likes it. This seems something that describes a future/post-massive devastation/Hunger Games-like human destruction. Incidentally, I’d listen to Radioactive if I was in the Hunger Games.

Take Me To Church // Hozier: it’s religious, so I like it. It’s religious and it’s about forgiveness, so I love it. Random: my Art History teacher considers it ‘one of the best songs written in the modern epoch’.

All Of Me // John Legend: I generally don’t love romantic songs, but I like the voice and the piano is superb, so it makes the cut. Which is surprising, since it’s a very slow song and I often despise those. That goes to show how awesome the singing and the piano are.

Chandelier // Sia: HER VOICE IS JUST SO BEAUTIFUL AND PERFECT AND AMAZING I CAN’T EVEN. I’ve never heard a voice as good as hers, she can hold notes so well, and I can’t get enough of her accent and yes she’s awesome. *hyperventilates* ‘Nuff said.

Cheap Thrills // Sia: See above. I don’t have anything to say on this that I haven’t said before so… GO CHECK IT OUT RIGHT NOW WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE. XD

Fireflies // Owl City: I love the beeps at the beginning, it gets me excited for the song. Also, fireflies are beautiful, perfect, little creatures, just like humans. This song is perfect and relatable and lovely, I can’t stop listening to it. It’s peaceful and just perfect and AAAAAAH I LOVE IT. ❤

Chasing Cars // Snow Patrol: this is another one that’s peaceful and perfect and makes want to stay awake for hours and think about the whole wide universe and nothing at the same time. That would lovely, please and thank you. I never really process the lyrics, I just listen to the sounds and smile internally.

Lost Boy // Ruth B.: I’ve loved Peter Pan since I was about four or five, so this qualifies as a favorite straight away. Also, the lyric video is really good, so go check it out! NOW. OR ELSE. 😉

Shut Up And Dance // Walk The Moon: one word to describe this song: euphoric. It makes me want to dance and go crazy and be silly all at once. It’s just so fun to listen to! This is another one that I don’t really absorb the lyrics, I just let the sounds flow past my ears. It’s quite enjoyable, I recommend it.


That’s about it… you guys should definitely go and check it out, there are a lot of really good songs that I didn’t include in this post. 😉

What are some of your favorite songs? Did you know any from my list? Any new ones that you discovered from this post?

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Hey, I’m back // Musings

Hello again, awesome humans (and mermaids, pixies, jedi, unicorns, constellations, nymphs, ect.)!

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?


Guess what? I completed NaPoWriMo! Yay me. Would you like to see some of the poems that I wrote?

Speaking of you guys, I’ve reached over 50 followers! I can’t believe it. I truly appreciate every comment, follow, and like, so thank you, thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I’m thinking of doing a Q & A, so comment some questions down below! I’m sure everybody already knows this, but just in case: please don’t ask anything personal, such as my last name, where I live, how old I am, etc. Thanks!


Why can I never find time to do anything? Like blogging, writing, drawing, reading, and I  never take photos anymore. I’m always so tired, and it’s easier to lie around and waste time than to actually do something. Then I feel frustrated that I haven’t done anything. I make excuses, saying that I don’t have enough time. That may be true some days, but not most of the time. I’ve told myself I don’t have enough time so much that I think I really believe it myself. And that stresses me out. I have trouble falling asleep at nights, which makes me tired in the morning. When I’m tired, I’m afraid that I’ll do badly at school, which makes me even more stressed. Thankfully, my results haven’t gone down. At this point, it’s become a habit to stay awake even after I lie down, and I have a hard time falling asleep, hence more stress and tiredness, which makes me lazy and unproductive, as well as frustrated.

Essentially: a vicious circle. Ugh.

Do you have any tips/suggestions? I’d be glad to receive them!

There’s not much else to say for now… other than I WATCHED STAR WARS OVER SPRING BREAK AND IT WAS AMAZING AAAAAAAAAHHHH.

I also started working on a drawing last night and made a list of songs that I love in my Bullet Journal.

I discovered that:

  • The Phantom of the Opera is creepy.
  • WWII films, although moving, frighten me (I was wondering if my ‘WWII film violence immunity’ had gone up since fifth grade, it hasn’t).
  • The Titanic would make for a good story if you didn’t know almost everybody is going to die. Additionally, a guy chained to a pole in the underbelly of a ship as it sink, another man locked in a room filling with water, and the fact that (since women and children were put on first on the rescue boats), my dad probably wouldn’t have survived, can be scary.

I should be a movie reviewer. 😉

Also, this is my 20th post! Pretty cool, I guess.

Do you have any tips for me? Any opinion on the movies that I didn’t like? Does anybody LOVE Star Wars too (FYI, I’ve only seen the first three that were produced, so no spoilers, please)? 

Do you have any questions for my (possible) Q & A?

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Step-By-Step Guide to Bullet Journaling + How to Start Your Own

Aloha there!

Today, I’m going to tell you about Bullet Journaling – a system that has helped me so much and that I hope will help you, too.


A Bullet Journal is a planner, diary, to-do list, scrapbook, tracker, anything you want – all in one place. It’s a way to keep track of every area of your life with only a notebook and a  pen. Pretty amazing, right?

All of that sounds great. But what is this Bullet Journal thing exactly?, you ask? Well, I’d prefer to let the creator of the Bullet Journal himself answer that – click right HERE to visit his official website, and head over HERE to check out the explanatory video. When you’re done with that, come back to this post, and I’ll explain a little more. 🙂

So, you might be left feeling a little mind-boggled. What I’d advise is to get some Nutella (that always helps) and to just start a Bullet Journal; there’s no better time than the present. Don’t worry – this post is going to be a step-by-step guide on how to set one up and how to use it once you’re on your way.

So, just grab a notebook – any one will do – and a pen. You don’t a lot of time to set up a bullet journal, or to use it, so please don’t let that set you back from starting one. It’s totally worth it.

Step 1: The Index


 Flip to the first page of your notebook and write ‘Index’ at the top. Then, on the next line, index your Index. XD Basically, write ‘Index’ (again) along with its corresponding page numbers, presumably 1 and 2.

The Index holds your Bullet Journal together. You’ll want to put everything in your Index, except for your individual daily entries. In that case, for example, index all of your daily entries of, say, April under the name ‘April Dailies – pgs. 5-17’. With the Index, you’ll be able to find everything in your Bullet Journal easily. It’s going to be one of the keystones of your journal, so you shouldn’t skip this, however  futile it may seem at the moment. 🙂

Also, a little note: as you probably saw from the video, you’ll need to number your journal’s pages as you go along. Seemingly cumbersome? Yes. Definitely worth it in the end and also only takes up about a second? Yes again.

If numbering your pages really irks you, I’d suggest getting a Leuchtturm 1917, which come with pre-numbered pages. 🙂

Step 2: The Future Log


Flip to the next page and write ‘Future Log’ at the top. Then, grab your calendar, planner, or random sticky note and list out all the events coming up in the next year.   Anything from your friend’s birthday party to your biannual dentist appointment will go here. 🙂

The Future Log is really what allows your Journal to help you manage your whole life. Anything that’s coming up after the current month can just be written here – no need to remember to transfer it later. It’s brain dump of events that can be filed and left alone until they come up. Remember to number this page and put it in your Index! 😉

Step 3: The Monthly Log

IMG_0011 2

On the next page, write the name of the current month. If you’re reading this in July, write July. If you’re reading this in November, write November. It doesn’t have to be January to start a Bullet Journal! Then, write the days of each month down in a vertical row. You can add what day of the week it will be on each day, but you don’t have to – it’s up to you.

When you’re done with that, you’ll want to list out your events that are happening during the upcoming month, next to the appropriate day.

This helps you to have a visual image of the month and what’s going to be happening. Along with events, I like to write out my weekly classes and indicate if I’m going to be on vacation. This helps me get an even clearer idea of when I’m going be busy and when I’ll have more time.

Step 4: Dailies


Almost there! Now, turn the page and write today’s date at the top. List out what you need to get done today and where you need to go. Look at your Monthly Log and see if you’ve written down an event that’s happening today. If so, add that to today’s journal entry.

Throughout the day, check off what you’ve completed and add to the list if more things come up. You can also make notes on what you’re reading, a lecture you’re attending, and anything else in your entry. If you want, feel free to add quotes, Bible verses, inspirational words – anything that makes you happy, essentially – to add a little spark to the page.

Remember, your Bullet Journal is yours and yours only: you can use it in any way you want, since it is such a flexible system! 😀 That’s the amazing thing about it!

The Bullet Journal system really helps me to stay organized and be less stressed. I hope you’ll give it a try! If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments below. 🙂

What are your thoughts on the system? Are you willing to try it? If you already are using it, how are you using it and what is your favorite/least favorite part? 

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December Fails // April Goals

Hello, evil minions darling readers! How’ve you been doing lately?

It’s time for another Goals post… which means it’s time for you to feel better about yourself and laugh at my failed goals congratulate me on the one thing I did… kinda! 😉

So, scroll on down for how I did on my December Goals…



Finish fleshing-out my novel. This month, I’m going to focus on writing the characters’ ‘normal’, which means a scene from their daily life before my story starts.  I’ll try to not make it too boring – I might post them here, who knows? Failed. December seemed to flash by in a blur for me – I barely remember what I did!

Do the 10 ‘Character Thingamagiggers’, as I like to call it. Remember what I explained above about the ten things about each character that the reader will never know? *little lightbulb pops on above reader’s head* Failed. I have a feeling that pretty much all my goals will be fails. 😛

WRITE. MORE. IN. MY. NOVEL. Every day! I want to write 2000 words this month. Guess what? *taps nose* *subtle MBS reference* You got it! Failed magnificently.


Read the Bible EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT. That way, I’ll read it most nights.😉 And then perhaps progress into reading it every night . . . That would be a nice end to the day, don’t you think? Kinda! I couldn’t take it on vacation with me (*glares at baggage weight limits*), but for the earlier part of the month, I read it almost every evening! 😀

Finish my ‘Lisa Congdon Inspired’ drawing. I can do this! *nervous grin* Uh… why don’t we move on to the next goal? (This one was failed, as you probably guessed 😉)

Practice lettering. I really want to get better at it! Check! I ACTUALLY DID THIS YAY ME! 😂 I got a lettering book for Christmas and I’ve done a bit in it since then. 🙂


As for reading, I doubt I did very well on my goals, either. 😉


So, let’s move on to my April Goals! As you’ve surely noticed, I rarely manage to accomplish my  monthly goals. And while I really enjoy setting them, it’s not so satisfying to have to put a little red ‘failed‘ after almost every goal. So, I’m going to make my goals simple this month – tailor-sized to the little busy bee that I am. XD


 original image via


Write a poem every day! I’m participating in NaPoWriMo (I’m not signed up on the site, but I’m going to do it anyway) this April – let’s see how far I get!

Write in my WIP once a week. As I said before, I’m quite busy: I have school (13 subjects!), homework, an extracurricular class, plus activities like church and going outside. I also like to read the Bible, read in general, letter, draw, chillax, help around the house, and do other various ‘free time’ activities – I don’t have that much time for writing! So, I’m shooting for once a week. 🙂

Develop a posting schedule and stick to it. Pretty straight-forward.


Take some photos for my upcoming Bullet Journal post. I never seem to get around to that…

Do pushups and sit-ups regularly – and track it!

Set up my Bullet Journal for April, preferably before the month’s over. 😉


Finish reading the field guide on gnomes I’m currently working through.

Start (at least) the humongous book I checked out from the library.

Those two were pretty self-explanatory. 😉

So, let’s see how I’ll do on those goals! I tried to make them doable – we’ll see! 😀

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