BBPC – Fruit Entry

Hi there!

Today’s post is going to be short – but sweet!



See? It’s sweet!

Anyways, here’s my entry for BIBPC (Boring Into Beautiful Photography Contest), hosted by the wonderful Megan!

Challenge One’s theme is fruit, so this is my photo:


Mrs. Melon with her nephews The Bananas.

The Bananas are camera-shy and slightly out of focus. My profoundest apologies. 😉

These lovely specimens of fruit are from my equally lovely grandparents’ counter. The grandparents are lovely, I mean. Not the counter.

What else… ah, yes, the fruit was bought from Lucky’s and will most likely be consumed at breakfast tomorrow.

And last but not least… GO TEAM COCONUT!

BLUE SPRING Flowers Field Wallpaper Flower Images


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