CWWC Entry Challenge Sesto

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*snores* ahhh I’m so tired. How unfortunate, because I have to write. Falling asleep at one in the morning is not a good idea, guys. You know that feeling when you’re not tired until you realize you’re exhausted? Yup, me too. : )

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Moving on… I used all the prompts in my lil’ story here. You’re welcome, Team Narnia.


Trust Me

     Leaves crunched under the man’s heavy boots as he plodded heavily through the forest. His hood was drawn tightly over his face, and he was dressed in greens and browns. If not for the young girl he carried in his arms, he would have been invisible to all but the birds flying overhead.

“We’re almost there now,” he whispered.

The girl nodded. Her wavy blonde hair was filled with twigs, and her clothes were torn and stained.

“You weren’t supposed to find me yet,” he murmured, an odd sharpness coming into his voice. “The rebels are supposed to be a secret.”

“But I want to fight, as well.”

“I could never forgive myself if something happened to you, and you know it. I know that you can use every kind of weapon available. I know you’re sneaky. I know you can talk your way out of any situation,” he said.

“Exactly. I’d be precious to the rebellion.”

“Unfortunately, that’s true. But people will get killed. This is a war, not an adventure. Commander Wildner was very clear about that. I don’t want to be fighting against the other side, then turn my head, see you fall and not get up.”

“I don’t want to be sitting all alone at my mother’s house, reading the mail dispatches day after day, to one morning see you listed among the dead.”

      They had come to the edge of the forest. A dilapidated, wooden sign was fixed to the ground: “DON’T GO IN THE WOODS”. A necessary precaution, to keep the rebels gathering a secret.

     The man set the girl down. “I’ll come back,” he whispered. 

     The girl nodded. The man turned around slowly and went back into the forest, disappearing amongst the tall trees.

     The girl followed him. 


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